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Throughout the years, Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape has established itself as Minnetonka’s most trusted tree experts by providing the best stump removal, tree trimming, and landscape maintenance to our valued Minneapolis area customers. We’re dedicated to all the residential property owners in Minnetonka, MN and surrounding communities, and we take care of our local homeowners from initial consultation through efficient clean up.

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  • We’re the top tree company in the area because we have the right tools and experience for any type of tree service from stubborn stump removal to nursing failing landscape plants back to health.
  • Our dedication to customer service runs through our whole tree service process from our initial detailed proposal all the way through cleanup and follow up, where we don’t collect until we know you’re completely satisfied.
  • With over a decade of horticulture study and ongoing training, we have the expertise to fix any landscape or tree issue.

Enjoy Minnetonka, MN

The Dakota Sioux named the area “mni tanka,” which means “great water,” because of the high number of lakes and waterways in the area, including Lake Minnetonka, one of the largest lakes in Minnesota. This Twin Cities bedroom community had 50,000 residents as of the 2010 census, making it an influential suburb in the greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. Long a heavily forested area, the town of Minnetonka was the site of one of the first sawmills in the state, and the farming and forestry industries were big in the area. With industrialization, populations dwindled, but the area is home to large corporations like UnitedHealth Group today.

With Lake Minnetonka right in town, both residents and people visiting the area can enjoy a wealth of water activities from swimming to boating to even lakeside picnics. Minnehaha Creek also provides outdoor activities like hiking, with beautiful waterfalls to explore. Those into more extreme outdoor sports like mountain biking, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing will love Theodore Wirth Park. Nearby Ridgedale Center offers national stores, and visitors can enjoy fine dining at Ike’s Minnetonka.

Trusted Local Tree Service Performs Dead Cottonwood Tree Removal in Minnetonka MN

Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape is a top tree service in Minnetonka because we have the expertise to diagnose tree problems and apply the right solution. Recently a Minnetonka property owner contacted us about a cottonwood tree on their property that had some problems, and we were happy to help.

One of our treee removal experts got out to the property right away to do an assessment of the tree’s health. They found that, unfortunately, the cottonwood was beyond saving. When you have a diseased tree on your property, even if it’s just one, it’s important to schedule tree removal from a reputable tree care service. Many tree diseases like blights can spread to other trees of the same species, and fungal infections can even spread to trees of different varieties.

Once a tree has become a victim of the disease and is fully dead, it can also threaten other plants on the property. Dead trees can not only still spread their disease to other trees, but they also attract vermin like termites. These can get into other trees or even your home. Another problem is when a dead tree falls, it can damage buildings or power lines.

In Minnetonka MN, our tree experts noticed that this dead cottonwood would definitely damage power lines if it fell, so we recommended tree removal. Our licensed tree service team got to work right away by clearing the area, then cutting down the tree. We also removed the wood to leave the property clean. Our client was pleased to save their power lines and liked the clean look of the property. If you’re worried about trees on your property, contact Minnetonka MN’s trusted tree experts, Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape.

Tree Removal Project in Minnetonka

The tree removal experts at Picture Perfect Tree and Landscaping are the preferred tree service in Minnetonka, MN. We recently had the opportunity to perform a tree removal with stump grinding for the owner of a gorgeous home in the Minnetonka area.

The homeowners were in the process of planning a major renovation, including expanding the footprint of the garage substantially. There were several trees on the property that interfered with this project, so they wanted them removed. The homeowner researched online for a reputable area tree service and found us. He liked what he saw so he gave us a call and requested a site visit/estimate.

We work in the area regularly so it was easy to fit a convenient time for him for his estimate into our schedule. We made it to his home the next afternoon and were able to lay out our tree removal process for him so he knew what to expect. He liked our professionalism and accepted our quote so we put him on our schedule for removal.

We took the project on the next week as our crew was already working in the area. Our tree removal experts began by prepping the site for the day, ensuring safety and precision during the removal process. We had the trees down in one day and removed by the end of the second. We brought in our stump grinder the following morning as we had a couple of other stumps to grind in the area and the project went without a hitch. The area is now prepped for builders and the homeowners are glad they chose us.