Best Tree Company in Wayzata MN

For almost a decade, Picture Perfect Tree & Landscape has been serving the greater Minneapolis, MN area with high quality tree services, including stump removal, tree and shrub pruning, tree trimming, sick tree removal or replacement, and more. We’ve become Wayzata’s premier tree company by dedicating ourselves to both horticulture knowledge and customer satisfaction.

Best Tree Service in Wayzata, MN

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  • Our owner has been working in landscaping since he was a teenager, and he holds both a landscape architect degree as well as a SAD in horticulture.
  • We’ve been serving the greater Minneapolis area for nine years, and our founder is from Randall, MN, so we know and love our local area.
  • We don’t consider a job done until the site is perfectly clean and the customer tells us they’re completely satisfied.

Enjoy Wayzata, MN

The greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area has many smaller communities Wayzata, MN, and this quaint town is situated on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. With a population of only around 4,000 as of 2010, the lakeside town is also one of the most affluent in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Wayzata began its life as a town as a farming and logging settlement, then became a transportation hub in the last half of the 19th century when the Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad entered the town.

Wayzata, Minnesota became a resort town began shortly after the railroad moved in, with many hotels springing up over the years. One of the first was the Maurer House-West Hotel and the huge Hotel Lafayette. Modern visitors can find out more about these historical resorts at the Wayzata Depot, a historical site run by the Wayzata Historical Society. There are also a lot of modern high-end hotels and water activities available to Minnesotans and tourists alike. The lakeside beach also has high end boutiques and fine dining to round out a visit. If visitors or residents want to get away from Lake Minnetonka, Wayzata Bay also offers lakeside activities like camping, swimming, boating, and more.

Local Tree Company: Large Tree Removal in Wayzata MN

In Wayzata MN, the trusted local tree service is Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape because we are always happy to help our clients with all kinds of tree and foliage needs. One of our valued repeat customers in Wayzata recently contacted us about some unhealthy trees on their property that were very close to their buildings, and we quickly got to the site to determine the best course of action.

While trees on your property, whether commercial or residential, offer many benefits such as shade and beauty, an unhealthy or badly placed tree can cause a host of problems. Many property owners love their trees and can’t imagine life without them, but there are a lot of reasons to remove a tree. In the case of our Wayzata MN client, some of their trees were too close to buildings, which can cause property damage if they break or fall during storms. Unhealthy trees are also more prone to losing limbs and falling, which compounds the problem. Diseases can also spread to neighboring trees, further weakening them and causing more property damage.

At Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape, we understand these dangers with unhealthy trees, so we recommended removing all the problem trees. Using state-of-the-art equipment, our licensed landscapers cut back and removed several trees on the property, creating room for new landscape features or plants in the future and removing the danger to buildings and pedestrians. If you’re worried about the trees on your Minnesota property, contact Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape today.

Tree Service in Wayzata removes large tree

Tree removal should only be executed by experts who know how to safely get a tree down on the ground with professionalism. The goal at Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape is to keep trees healthy first, but sometimes there are instances when tree removal is the best option, such as with this particular Mound, MN client (Mound is located 15 minutes west of Wayzata).

The once beautiful large oak tree on this homeowner’s property had lived its life and was dead for the past year or so. The owner was worried that it might fall on his home or his neighbor’s property. He wasn’t sure if he needed to have it removed or not, however, so he wanted to talk to a tree service professional.

Because we have done tree work for him before, he knew we could be trusted. He asked us to come out for an estimate to look at the tree. We advised him that the tree be removed as there were risks associated with leaving it, including not only the fact that it could fall and cause property damage, but it could cost more to remove later if/when the limbs begin to break and/or fall. Plus, a tree that is aged can attract termites, ants and other wood-boring insects that can multiply upon the property and adversely affect other neighboring trees. If that wasn’t enough motivation to have the tree removed, dead trees are simply less visually appealing on properties. He was glad he called us and asked us to remove it as soon as we could.

Our crew had the tree down in one day and cleaned up by the end of the next day. The homeowner and his property (and his neighbor) is no longer at risk of damage from the tree and he has a nice stump left to carve a statue with, per his request.