How to choose a Tree Company in Hennepin County MN

How to choose a Tree Company in Hennepin County MN

Hennepin County, MN and the surrounding areas have lots of beautiful foliage for both visitors and longtime residents to enjoy, and local property owners should know how important it is to keep their trees and landscaping healthy. Though most homeowners can perform basic maintenance like mowing, sometimes you need a professional to fix a problem with an old tree or some out of control plants. 

When it comes time to choose a tree service or landscaping company in Minneapolis, MN and surrounding areas, there are several factors to consider. But don’t worry, the trusted local landscaping and tree service, Picture Perfect Tree and Landscaping, has some great advice.

1. Always Hire Experts in Trees & Landscape Plants

There are landscaping contractors who can prune trees, plant shrubbery, or mow grass. And then there are professional arborists and landscape designers with a dedication to perfecting their craft. To become an expert in caring for landscape plants and trees, a landscaper needs to pursue ongoing training, get certified with professional arborist organizations, and keep up with all of the latest techniques and products. 

2. Never Go for the Cheapest Bid

While you may be tempted to leap at whatever contractor gives you the lowest rates, think about what kind of work you’ll be getting for your money. Will they skimp on crucial products that could help your landscaping? Are their workers fully certified and licensed to do landscaping work? Fair market rates won’t break the bank, and you know a company who plays fair with their competitors will play fair with their customers. To know what a fair rate is, you should also be willing to do some research. 

3. Get Just the Work You Need

A reputable arborist will be able to craft a landscaping plan that fits your particular needs instead of over-pruning or skipping important steps. Tailored services start with a thorough inspection of the property where a tree and plant expert diagnoses any problems, and knowledgeable arborists can spot sick trees and know appropriate responses. Next, an expert landscaper will craft an estimate. A detailed estimate lays out a plan to complete the work so that the customer knows what’s happening at any stage. Targeted landscaping work meets your individual needs. 

4. Don’t Forget About Maintenance Services

While professional arborists are the go to guys for a downed tree, a reputable landscaping company will also offer regular maintenance for trees and foliage. Landscape maintenance services go way beyond weeding and mowing grass. In order to stay beautiful and healthy all year round, trees and plants need regular pruning and fertilizing. An experienced landscaper will also let their valued customers know when it’s time for maintenance.

5. Professionals Have Licenses and Certifications

One of the biggest differences between various landscape companies besides experience is professional certifications, licenses, and insurance. Your neighbor’s cousin’s best friend who cuts your grass doesn’t have any of this, and it’s necessary to ensure quality landscaping work. This is where your research into local tree companies comes into play, because it’s important to trust the contractors doing the work.

6. Listen to Your Neighbors

These days, word of mouth often means electronic comments and social media, but it’s still true that good references are the sign of a trustworthy company. A reputable tree and landscape company will have a lot of satisfied customers with stories to tell about their healthy and beautiful plants. Whether its a stump removal, a tree pruning, or a full landscape planting, a good company will have helped a customer with your exact problem.  

7. Don’t Rush Into a Tree Service Contract

Much of this advice about choosing a tree company for your Hennepin County property boils down to this: do your homework. Instead of just calling the number on a flyer or doorknocker randomly left on your doorstep, research your options to make sure you’ll get professional service. When you know what the industry standards for tree service are in your area, then you can make an educated decision.

8. Find Arborists with Experience in Your Area

Local tree and landscape contractors who have worked in the area for years have faced a wide variety of situations, plant diseases, and emergencies. An experienced arborist will often have moved up through the industry, allowing them to learn about many different kinds of tree and landscaping services and develop relationships with other professionals. A company with experience also knows how to treat their customers right from detailed proposals to a thorough cleanup after the job’s done. 

9. Make Sure They Have the Right Tools

State of the art equipment is another important component of a professional tree and landscape company, along with licensing, experience, and reputation. Without the proper equipment to tackle the job, the rest won’t matter. Whether it’s a very tall tree that needs a pruning or a difficult tree stump removal, high quality equipment is essential. A reputable company will invest in themselves by maintaining specialized equipment for tree trimming, stump grinding, landscape planting, and a tons of other services.

10. Look for Locals

When you’re getting any kind of exterior work done on your property, you want a company that knows the local environment and seasonal changes. A history in your local area means that a landscape company knows what local plants flourish best in the area. The founder of Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape is a Minneapolis area local who started working in the industry in his teenage years. This experience means the company is fast becoming the leaders in tree and landscape services in Hennepin County, MN and surrounding areas. 

If a storm damaged trees on your property, if your plants are looking sick, if you have a whole tree or even a stump that needs removing, you need a reputable professional team or arborists and landscape architects. Luckily, the residents of Hennepin County, MN and the greater Minneapolis area have Picture Perfect Tree and Landscaping. We have experience in the local area and the knowledge of the industry to tackle any tree or plant problem our neighbors might have.