Tree Removal in Plymouth MN

Tree Removal in Plymouth MN

The tree removal experts at Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape recently removed a large maple tree for a homeowner in Plymouth, MN.

The homeowners were doing a remodeling project on their home in addition to putting in a new garage. This expansion required their large, 40 feet tall maple tree to be removed in order to make space for the new garage. The homeowners asked friends in the neighborhood for references for quality tree services in the Plymouth, MN area and a neighbor up the street highly recommended Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape. They called us for a quote right away.

As soon as we arrived for our “no contact” site visit, we could that that this large tree was in a tight space and it would require a level of expertise unique to only few tree services. Luckily for the customer, we specialize in hard to reach areas and have the equipment to safely remove trees in small spaces. We provided a quote for the tree removal and the client hired us right away, asking us to get them in the schedule as soon as possible so they could get their renovation project moving forward.

This was a typical project for our team and as usual we started out by removing parts of the fence so we could get our truck and trailer backed in. The fence had to go anyway since the garage was expanding. Our large man lift was used with one of our climbing experts to piece the limbs down safely so as to not cause any damage to surrounding structures. We had the tree safely and efficiently down by the end of the day and the stump ground out. The area is ready for the new garage and the client is thrilled.

Thanks for choosing Picture Perfect Tree and Landscaping for your tree removal needs!