Stump Grinding

Picture Perfect Stump Grinding Services

Stump grinding is hard work, especially if you have large stumps or multiple tree stumps with which to deal. If you decide to hire a company to grind your stumps for you, look to Picture Perfect.

We are fast and extremely cost competitive, and want to earn future business from you!

Ask us about:

  • Discounts β€“ We may provide a discount based on the number of stumps you need removed.
  • Clean Up β€“ We pride ourselves in yard clean-up. We want to do the entire job and not leave messy clean up chores to you. We will spread out the wood chips, remove other debris, and more.
  • Large Jobs β€“ In the case of clearing large expanses of land, most companies charge flat hourly rates. If you need this kind of work, call us for the best price.

We make stump grinding fast, easy and more affordable in many cases than doing it yourself! Oh yeah, it’s a lot safer too!