Tree Removal

Although we do not recommend tree removal unless there are no other options to save a tree, it is an important part of arboriculture. Sometimes trees are so damaged or diseased that they won’t properly heal. When this is the case, tree removal services are vital. Dead trees pose dangerous risks to your property and the people on it. Just the right amount of wind at the right angle can lead to costly problems. But tree removal requires more than just a chainsaw and a pair of hands. Tree removal is an art that must be executed with precision and safe practices – which are exactly what the experts at Picture Perfect Tree and Landscape employ.

Process to Cut Down a Tree

When a tree is dead or dying or it has become hazardous, tree removal is necessary. The safe removal of a dying or dead tree requires expert care and is best left to a professional tree removal service. Once it has been determined that a tree must be removed, several important steps must be executed in the process of tree removal. Our trained experts employ these important steps during the tree removal process.

First we examine the tree, noticing which way the tree naturally leans and the best plan of action for removal.

Next we clear the area, ensuring there is room around the tree for it to either lay flat on the ground once it comes down or for limbs to be pieced down.  

We then gather all of the necessary equipment and safety gear and suit up. Our climbers put on their gear and all workers on site wear safety equipment as recommended by OSHA.

Depending on the tree’s location and how much space we have to work with will determine how we cut the tree down from this point. We may cut it down limb-by-limb, roping limbs to the ground or if there is adequate space, we can fell the entire tree at once. 

Once the tree is on the ground, we will grind out the stump if the customer wants it done. As always, once the job is finished, we clean up our mess!

Tree Removal Safety Tips

If you choose to cut down a smaller tree yourself, it is important you follow safety measures. When cutting down a tree, it is important to wear protective clothing, ear protection and eyewear in addition to protective headwear. Always consider an escape path before making any cuts to the tree in case something unexpected happens. Be sure to always hold your chainsaw below shoulder height for the most control. 

Remember that most tree removal cases require training and expert knowledge that only professionals have. Because we want everyone to have access to tree care services, we offer affordable tree removal pricing. We also employ top-notch expertise about how to handle your property’s trees and use state-of-the-art equipment that helps us to work both quickly and effectively. Our arborists and crews undergo rigorous safety training to ensure that we perform every tree job with precision. Your property is of utmost importance to us, which is why we ensure that we know what we are doing with every cut along the way, leaving no room for surprises.

If you think a tree on your property needs to be removed, reach out to our skilled team today to make an appointment for us to visit your property. Fill out the contact form or call us today for a FREE estimate!