Picture Perfect Video

We will be adding more “How We Do It” videos in the future. In this video, the homeowner had two very tall jack pines very near a garage. The trees were right around 85′ high and the video shows how our great climber worked his way up, topped off the tree top, while swinging precariously, and then sectioned his way down. Following the cutting, we painstakingly raked up ALL the branches and debris, fed them into our chipper, and loaded the large log sections into our truck. The homeowner was thrilled with the quick and safe service we provided.

Words from the owner (Brad Miller of Crosby, MN):
I’ve had these guys do everything from stump grinding to removal of trees that I would never attempt myself! Having the right equipment and keeping safety as the overriding thrust of their projects, they provide the best professional tree removal service in the area!

Thanks Rick!”