Tree Company in Maple Grove completes tree removal

Tree Company in Maple Grove completes tree removal

The tree care experts at Picture Perfect Tree and Landscaping are the leading tree professionals in the Maple Grove, MN area, specializing in removal in hard to reach areas.

We recently removed a large, dead oak tree for a homeowner in the Maple Grove area. The customer is a repeat client of ours who trusts us with his tree care from pruning to removal and stump grinding. He was concerned about the 90 feet tall oak tree that leaned over his home. He called us, knowing we would give him an honest price and that we work with precision (because, as he said, having a tree removed over your home is not something you trust just anyone with).

We knew when he called us exactly which tree he wanted removed. We told him that we would bring in a crane to safely extract the tree and would need to ensure the ground was hard enough to drive on so we didn’t damage his lawn. Since the forecast isn’t always certain, we tentatively planned for the next Friday for the job.

Thankfully, the weather was great and our crew arrived first thing in the morning. We pieced down the limbs over the house until the trunk was low enough to drop safely in the yard. We then cleaned up the logs and brush and ground out the stump. He wanted to keep the wood chips to season for his garden so we left those in a designated corner of the property.

The homeowner said he was thankful for the job well done and that he felt much better now that the tree is gone.