Tree Trimming

Although tree trimming can make your trees appear to be more beautiful, it also offers other benefits, such as protecting your home and family. This is why many homeowners and business owners pursue tree trimming services from Picture Perfect Tree and Landscaping.

Tree trimming helps to keep your trees standing strong and healthy. This can prevent branches from falling down on your home, car or somebody walking underneath. Plus, trees that are professionally trimmed will maintain their longevity for longer, meaning they are less likely to fall down entirely. An entire tree falling poses a major risk to your home or vehicle, which is one reason the small task of tree trimming is so important to take advantage of.

Dead branches in trees attract insects and other bugs that you want to keep at bay on your property, which is another reason having regular tree trimming and pruning done.

It does however remain true that professionally trimmed trees are much more beautiful, offering greater curb appeal to onlookers. Protecting your property and keeping it beautiful are two of the most important benefits that tree trimming has to offer.

The terms tree trimming and pruning are used interchangeably by many in the horticultural world but there are subtle differences between the two.

Tree Trimming

Although trimming typically applies to maintaining smaller shrubs or hedges, tree professionals still use the term to apply to trees. Trimming typically applies to tidying up the appearance of shrubs or trees by removing branches that have overgrown.


The main purpose of pruning a tree is to remove dead or loose branches that can harm other plants or people in addition to stimulating the tree for better health.

Tree pruning is more of a measure of protection for trees or shrubs while tree trimming is executed to ensure even growth.

Perhaps one reason the two terms are used interchangeably, however, is because although tree trimming is typically performed to make a tree look more attractive and to ensure proper growth, it benefits the tree as well. This is because excessive overgrowth is harmful to a tree or shrub as it reduces the amount and moisture it receives, so trimming also offers health benefits. 

You can tell if your trees need trimming or pruning by watching for several signs, including:

  • Broken branches: The first sign a tree needs pruning is broken branches. Once branches become to break, they become hazardous.
  •  Misshapen trees: Trees that are misshapen can lead to property damage due to uneven weight distribution.
  • Dense trees: if you can’t see through your tree’s branches, even if it looks perfectly healthy to your eye, it is too dense. Trees that are very dense are hazardous during strong storms and heavy winds.
  • Storm damaged trees: If your property has experienced a lot of major storms, it may be wise to have your trees inspected by a professional to ensure you don’t have any broken or splintered limbs that can pose a safety risk.
  • Branches over power lines: If your tree’s branches are near or on top of power lines, it is extremely dangerous and should be inspected right away by a professional.

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